As cliche as it sounds, the truth is I didn't choose photography, it chose me. Oddly enough it was something I enjoyed so much that it never occurred to me to pursue it as a way to earn a living. Pursuing a career in music had placed me in front of the camera. As a guy who was sure he had a "face for radio",  I had to learn how to take a good picture despite how I saw myself. That process ultimately taught me quite a bit about being behind the camera as well. I loved it but never thought of it as my own calling. For years other people would see something in what I chose to photograph  and ask me to shoot them. Afraid to disappoint, I would always politely decline. By June of 2012 it had become almost impossible to ignore the whisper to take my photography to the professional level and I launched Evan Marcus Imagery.

I am often asked why I chose that name for my business. For years the name Evan Marcus was what I planned to name my son should I ever have one. As that book was ultimately never written for me,  I decided to name my business after the son I never had  to remind me to sacrifice for it, care for it and prioritize with it much like I would for my own child. "Imagery" was  chosen over "photography" because through creative ideas, embellishment and even retouching, I do more than take photographs... I create "images".

I love being a photographer and I love being referred to as a photographer but, in my mind I am actually a story teller. I simply use a camera to share the stories I tell. When I am recording images, whether they are creative ideas, portraits or shots at an event, I am telling a story and my sincere hope is to impart it correctly. I love to tell stories. I would love the opportunity to tell yours.

                                                          -Shawn A. Mason